Book Notes
I take a lot of notes when I read. They've always been for myself, but I realized it couldn't hurt to share them.

A few things:
1. I note things that I'd like to remember. That means what I find interesting you might not.

2. Because of this, my notes are no substitution for reading the actual books. They are not summaries and they leave out a lot of context (and things you might enjoy). So if a book sparks your interest, please support the author—and your brain—by purchasing a copy.

3. Speaking of, you'll notice I've included links. The Amazon links are affiliates, for which all money raised goes to GiveDirectly, a non-profit that puts cash in the pockets of those living in poverty. This is a non-profit I give to on a monthly basis, and is now more vital than ever.

That aside, please support whichever bookseller is important to you. I've included my favorite independent store and a Google search if you prefer to go a different route. If the author has a personal site they sell from, I've included that too.

Get in touch
I love meeting people. If you want to say hi, and we haven't met, tell me something about you so we can break the ice. Maybe a favorite book you've read in 2020.

Me in 10 seconds.
My name is Daniel Andersen, aka Dandersen, and I'm passionate about everything. I spend my time designing, reading, writing, and traveling (though I'm decidedly content daydreaming about it for the moment.)

This site contains an ongoing collection of my book notes. It will eventually feature my writing and drawings.